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Secrets of an Adelaide DJ

June 7, 2014


ALL OF THE BEST parties you’ve ever been to had one thing in common – good music. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times it isn’t, but it’s always the music that makes the vibe (although shots can also help). I chatted with Matt Calabro from Calabrotive Sound who told me about the worst mistake a DJ […]

Mark Wilkinson chats about making music

October 11, 2013


Singer songwriter Mark Wilkinson loves what he does, despite the driving, flying and hanging around in airports. How did you get into music? When I was really young I learned the cello and piano but during my school years I was more interested in playing sports. It wasn’t until I left high school and a flat […]

Mandi Glynn-Jones chats about life as an artist

August 4, 2013


Award-winning artist Mandi Glynn-Jones isn’t getting much sleep at the moment. She’s busy preparing for this month’s SALA (South Australian Living Artists) Festival and the upcoming Port Festival as well as working on several commissioned pieces and planning a youth arts festival. She’s up to her ears in deadlines, but as she told me, the hardest […]

Mark Niehus chats about making it as a poet

June 16, 2013


Mark Niehus sits out front of Zedz Cafe in Adelaide Central Market for a few hours each week, drinking coffee and writing poems for passers-by on a typewriter. It’s all part of the Cafe Poet Program. “Poetry is not dead,” Mark says, “it just needs to be relevant and more accessible to the public.” Is […]

Tool: live and unconventional

May 13, 2013


I saw Tool play live the other week and I was still feeling the effects hours after I got home. It’s a strange thing when you can’t tell whether your ears are ringing or a car alarm is going off. This was the first time I actually considered wearing earplugs to a show. In the […]

Bryan Harrell chats about creative writing and chihuahuas

March 15, 2013


Bryan Harrell’s blog is fun and quirky. His short stories are fun and quirky. His interview with the chat show blog was fun. Oh, and quirky. First time I came across you was your ‘case against rebranding’ piece published in The Advertiser. How did that come about? Wow, that apparently got popular. It was my first published […]

Wil Anderson chats about comedy and not coping

February 22, 2013


In case you’re one of the few people in the world who still don’t know who Wil Anderson is, he’s one of Australia’s greatest comedians. He’s done (and mastered) it all – TV, radio, stand-up, podcasts, books, newspaper columns. And now: the chat show blog. Your stand-up is usually pretty influenced by what’s going on […]